Epaulet x Hertling Trouser Models

Designed in 2009, the Walt is our first trouser design.. and our best-seller by a mile. With a medium rise and slim leg, it recalls the sharp designs of the 1960's without looking too trendy or retro. This comfortable fit works brilliantly for the majority of our customers.

The Rudy is a tapered athletic fit that's designed for customers with larger legs. It has significantly more room in the thighs and seat than the Walt.. but still tapers down to a smaller bottom opening and sits nicely on your shoes. If you find slim trousers to be good in the waist but too tight in the legs, then the Rudy is for you! 

The Driggs is our slimmest trouser and features a strongly tapered leg and a slightly lower rise. It's idea for those who want a sharply tailored trouser that's not "skinny".. and can still present nicely in a formal setting. 

The Taylor & Gable trousers combine a rakish high-rise front with a comfortable reverse single pleat. The waistband sits at your natural waist, offering a comfortable fit and a distinctly old-school look. The tapered leg works well for both Walt & Rudy customers. The Taylor has a plain button front and can be ordered with adjustable side tabs. The Gable has a large extended closure and is finished without belt loops or tabs. 

The Greenpoint is a brand new model that was designed in collaboration with Justin Christensen of Hertling Trousers. Working with the Taylor/Gable fit, this offers a double pleat (rather than a single) and a slightly lower high rise by approximately 1 inch. It's still a high rise trouser by any definition, but it will sit below the navel on most customers.


The Garand is a true legacy style for Hertling Trousers. With measurments equivalent to the Driggs, it offers a unique hand-made and unlined "Hollywood Waistband" for an authentic WWII-era look. It also makes the top fit extremely light and comfortable.