YP Custom Princeton

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Fabric: Harris Tweed Sand Herringbone
Model: Princeton
Chest: 42
Body length: 29
Sleeve inseam: 24.25*
Taper sleeve & raise armhole for bicep measurement: 13.5 when neutral, 14.5 when bent
Waist: 35.75'**
Breast Pocket: Patch
Hip Pockets: Patch and flap
Buttons: 2 (with 1 inch space in between, if possible)
Button Choice: Dark Brown Horn
Sleeve Finish: surgeon's cuffs
Liner: Purple
Chunky machine stitch as specified throughout: 
      1. lapel line, extending to the quarters below
      2. around all three of the pockets, including the chest pocket and the pocket flaps
      3. back center seam
      4. center vent