Corso Jacket in Cafe Latte Gingham Tropical Wool

Sale price$265.00
Fabric: 38

The Corso is an elegant casual jacket with a mid-century vibe. Inspired by Dickie Greenleaf in The Talented Mr. Ripley, it's a brilliant match to dress trousers, casual chinos, and lightweight denim. 

Woven in Italy by Delfino, this beautiful lightweight tropical wool has a soft medium brown tone and a micro gingham pattern. It's perfect for warmer days and makes an excellent outwear piece from early Spring to mid Fall.

Its tones are a brilliant match for khaki, olive, and navy chinos - and it looks fantastic with lighter denim. 

The Corso Jacket has one-to-one sizing with the Doyle Jacket. It's fully lined with two interior pockets. The 2-way hip pockets have opening on the side. Its front and cuffs close with light horn resin buttons. 

This piece effortlessly splits the difference between a tailored sportcoat and a casual outerwear piece. It's going to be a versatile asset to your wardrobe.

    Sizing and Measurements

    The Corso is directly based off of our Doyle chore coat. You can order the same size in both shapes.


    Size Chest Shoulder Sleeve Length
    34 18.5" 17" '24" 27"
    36 19.5" 17.5" 24.5" 27.5"
    38 20.5" 18" 25" 28"
    40 21.5" 18.5" 25.5" 28.5"
    42 22.5" 19" 26" 29"
    44 23.5" 19.5" 26.5" 29.5"
    46 24.5" 20" 27" 30"
    48 25.5" 20.5" 27.5" 30.5"

    All measurements are shown in inches.

    Chest is measured from one seam under the armpit to the other.

    Shoulder is measured from one shoulder seam to the other, on the rear of the jacket.

    Sleeve is measured from the shoulder seam to the end of the sleeve.

    Length is measured from the base of the collar (where it attaches to the jacket) to the bottom of the tail.