Custom Trousers Racing Green Pure Camel Hair

Sale price$450.00
Fabric: Racing Green Camel Hair


This is a custom garment which will ship in approximately 6 weeks from order submission. All sales are final. Choose your shape (suit or sportcoat) and fabric, and then use the radio buttons to customize your garments.

Please use the chat function of our site for personalized advice on fabric, fit, and design. Or any other help that you need! 

Woven in England by Joshua Ellis, this is amongst the finest and most luxurious camel hair in the world. It weighs in at a substantial 20oz weight for incredible warmth and comfort. 
This "Racing Green" tone is incredibly rare, and it's absolutely striking in person. It matches flawlessly to khaki, navy, and grey, and it looks great with denim. 
Pure camel hair of this caliber is crafted from long, unbroken fibers. It's softer than wool and significantly more durable. Its also naturally pill-resistant. 
We have 50 yards available, and we can use for all of our custom designs - including trousers! . This promotional pricing is approximately 50% off our MSRP, so don't miss out on this incredible fabric. 



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We offer multiple in-house fits for both our jackets and trousers. Additionally, most of the dimensions can be adjusted as needed to give you a truly custom fit.

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We have the ability to properly fit any body dimensions that you require. Regardless of your height, weight, physique, and perferred fit... we'll make it happen!

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Each of our custom garments are fully customizable through a range of dimensions.

Each piece can vary in length and overall size. Buttons, liners, and taping are all up to you. Pocket layouts and sleeve finishes are available on sportcoats and suit jackets.

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